How to Find Property in Koh Samui

How to Find Property in Koh Samui

Every day, more and more investors are attracted by the idea of buying a property on the idyllic island of Koh Samui due to its continuously growing popularity among tourists from across the globe who are looking for the perfect Thai island getaway. The island itself is in an ongoing transformation. The accommodation units, the facilities and services available here are among the most elegant and luxurious ones. All these details recommend Koh Samui as the ideal location for investing in real estate.

Koh Samui is also a place where the local agencies are dedicated to improving the infrastructure and bringing as much value as possible to the touristic sector. This is something that can be noticed in the most vibrant and populated areas of the island. The airport has been recently modernized as well and it represents the perfect connection between those who want to take the next flight to their very own tropical beach holiday and the spectacular Samui.

If we examine the investment trends over the last couple of years, we see that the demand for Koh Samui properties has slowed down a little bit because of the uncertainties associated with foreign ownership, but real estate experts are forecasting another property boom due to the imminent changes in the legal background. Now, the prices for the villas, apartments, and land on Koh Samui are still very affordable for those investors who are looking for a huge opportunity, but as soon as the next boom will start, these will begin to rise. Better get in ahead of the rush then be sorry later.

For the investors who are looking to buy properties with foreign currencies, there is a very attractive resale sector that is currently expanding by offering occasional bargains. This is one of the numerous opportunities of cashing in on the current market conditions. There are a large number of foreign buyers and tenants that aliment the development projects on Koh Samui and thanks to this aspect, the prices and the value of the properties are following a constant path.

Investors have a wide range of options when it comes to investing on Samui. They can either build a new villa or hotel for meeting the current demand available on the market or buy one that is completely built and furnished and offer it for rent right away. Usually, foreign investors decide to buy a land in a picturesque part of the island and hire a local architecture firm to design a project that meets very modern and luxurious standards of living. The goal here is to offer a lush accommodation option for the modern tourist who is prepared to spend as much as it takes to experience a dreamy holiday on the beautiful island of Samui. This being said, the profit opportunities are endless.

There are some investors who prefer to buy the land on their own, contract a building team and supervise the work themselves. Their interest is to re-sale the property, but it is an option that implies more time and effort than the one of contracting a Thai company that will scout the market for finding the best land and propose the most suitable architectural projects for your needs and budget. In the end, the second option allows you to save more time, effort and inevitably, more money. Local firms have the necessary due diligence and knowledge of land titles for purchasing the best offers on Samui. Plus, there are some particular legal procedures that need to be strictly followed for ensuring the success and security of your investment.

Samui is now considered one of the most splendid and offering islands in the world with spectacular landscapes, rich culture, plenty of tourist sightseeing and activities. All these, plus the extravagance and elegance of the accommodation units, restaurants, malls and clubs make it an irresistible attraction for tourists who are looking for the ultimate exotic holiday. Of course, where there is tourism there is also a very high investment potential. There are people who are looking to visit the island for a couple of weeks, people who want to stay here for 3-6 months and people who want to move on Samui for good. The demand is so large, that the actual accommodation units, villas, and apartments aren’t sufficient. As a response to this phenomenon, investors are building new resorts, hotels, luxury villas, homes and apartment buildings. As a consequence of this trend, the prices of the properties are beginning to grow as Koh Samui continues to become more and more popular.